Lose the bad attitude


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Hi guys, so yesterday at work, something happened with a customer that really left me upset and angry (of course I didn’t show it) and I started writing something about it to post but when I calmed down, I realized there was no point telling all those long stories before conveying the message I want to pass out. This is what I want to say.

Customers should be nice to the people attending to them, they should also try to be understanding. A customer can really make someone’s day feel gloomy. It doesn’t cost to be nice. If you enter a company or wherever, it wouldn’t hurt to be patient, talk gently and lose the pride. I’m pretty sure that if not for the fact that one has to value and respect the customer and all those customer relation stuff, some customers will be thoroughly slapped or beaten before they leave an establishment, not because the people are mean but because the customer had a bad attitude.


Those attending to customers are trained on how to attend to customer, always smile, do this, do that, make sure this is this and the rest of them but those attending to customers are equally humans and have feelings just like anyone else. Customers should try to be good, be nice, be gentle, and throw that arrogance away. Yes, sometimes, it could be the fault of the one attending to them but then again, there are really arrogant and ill-mannered customers. I really don’t know what their problem is, maybe they feel they are better than you are or something, I can’t understand. If that’s the case, there are some rich and comfortable people working because they just don’t want to be at home, they want to do something, so don’t think you are better than someone just because of how you see or perceive them to be.


I have to say that as a customer, if you are frustrated from work or whatever, please swallow your frustration and don’t put it on someone so someone will feel equally frustrated, after all, the people attending to you might be frustrated or be bothered with something and because their job requires they be nice to you, you don’t see it out there, so deal with your problem and whatever bad aura or omen you are coming with. One more thing, apologize where necessary especially if something is your fault, it’s not that deep (I really don’t know how I would stress on this, not just to customers but to people generally), I tire o. Put yourself in their place, and how would you like to be treated? The bible says we should do unto others what we would have them do to us and it also tells us to be kind to one another.

What else do you guys think a customer does that frustrates you? Or what do you think they could do that would be nice of them and helpful?



8 thoughts on “Lose the bad attitude

  1. Thanks for this post. It really is not just about the servers but also the people being served. Sometimes people do it unconsciously due to their mood, they just snap at the first person the feel has wronged them.
    Nice post.

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  2. I can relate, I worked in retail many moons ago and I had a customer who was a bit rude. But she came in the next day and apologized and said she had been having a bad day. It doesn’t excuse the behavior, but it helped me learn not to take customer’s attitudes or behaviors personal, especially if I have provided great customer service. So I learned to just let those situations just roll off my back because they weren’t about me, rather it was what that person was feeling which had nothing to do with me. Try not to let their bad day become your bad day. It’s not always so easy but I try not to take on others’ negative energy if I can help it. But I agree that people should be kind to one another and it’s not okay to take out your anger on someone who is trying to do their job.

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