Going Self-Hosted

Hi everyone, I know it’s been a while I blogged on here. Frankly, I’ve been busy (yeah, the typical excuse, I know, I know) and I have been feeling so unmotivated. I decided to take a break for the whole of March and here I am. I’m back and


I have a lot I hope to share with y’all. I pray I become consistent, especially now that I’m doing a graduate program to enable me practice in Nigeria as a Medical Laboratory Scientist.

So guys, I am self-hosted!! The new url is theroyaldeviant.com It’s basically the same as Quirks and Pearls, I only changed the name to The Royal Deviant (TRD). I was able to move my contents from here to the new website. I moved my followers too but I got new followers on here.

First of all, thanks for subscribing and following my blog, I can’t appreciate you enough. I’d love it too if you could go to the new website theroyaldeviant.com to subscribe.

I know, this post is quite short. Well it’s kind of an introduction to my new website. To know more about The Royal Deviant, the idea behind the name and what-not, click here.

Thanks everyone, thanks for sticking with me. I hope to achieve more with y’all. Yeah, tell me what you think about the new website too



(The Royal Deviant💫)

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