Do you get those moments when you just get lost in your thoughts and want to share with the world? Or you learn new things and just can’t wait to tell someone about it. Well
welcome to my head, lol.

Quirks and Pearls (Q & P) is basically created as a platform for sharing my experiences, opinions and views on the various facets of life with anyone and everyone. It is more like my thoughts diary. The name Quirks and Pearls came from the idea that our thoughts and experiences can be weird (quirks) but they have something to offer which in most cases are treasurable (pearls).

Want to know about the author/blogger?


Ok. I’m Odinakachukwu Ndukwe, feel free to call me “Nakas”. I recently graduated from the university of Cape Coast, UCC, with a degree in Medical Laboratory Science. I live in Abuja, Nigeria and I’m a Christian. Growing up, I’ve always loved observing and studying people, listening to their views on several things and the reasons for their behaviors. Yes, yes 🙂 , I know, I’m supposed to have studied psychology, don’t worry, I will one day. I am kind of quirky (another reason for the blog name), I think a lot about random issues pertaining to life and the human behaviour and I write sometimes. Hopefully this blog will let me share the things I have learnt and my opinions with you and listen to your contributions too. Please feel at home.

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Ndukwe Odinakachukwu on Facebook

@ndukweodinaka on twitter

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