Going Self-Hosted

Hi everyone, I know it’s been a while I blogged on here. Frankly, I’ve been busy (yeah, the typical excuse, I know, I know) and I have been feeling so unmotivated. I decided to take a break for the whole of March and here I am. I’m back and

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Yes, I know, it’s been a while, well, I’m back. Who missed me? Lol. Welcome all new followers and to the old ones, thank you for still sticking with me. Anyway, today, I’ll be writing on opinions. Before I go further, last week Thursday was my graduation. It went well and I was happy I’m finally done with that phase of life, now I’m off to greater heights. The next stage is the 7 months training I am to do, before I do my internship. I really can’t wait to be done and get my license. Continue reading